Our Identity & Purpose

HopePres is a community of people made for glory, 

yet now broken, a community of need... 

We are spiritually renewed by the Triune God, purely by the Father's grace,  
Connected and formed together in the church of Christ the Son,
Sent out as servants in the mission of global renewal by the Holy Spirit.  

This cross-cultural community of hope exists to: 
Know God, Love People, Seek Renewal for Our Place, 
Spiritually, Socially, Culturally.


Our Worship

All of Life is Worship

If Christ is King, then all of life comes under his domain.


God's people have also been given a specific day of rest in order to remind one another of Jesus' commitment to his people, our commitment to one another, and our calling to be restored restorers in a world that needs grace.

But, we need grace too. The gospel isn't merely at the trailhead of the Christian life, it's the trail itself. We never "mature" out of our need for grace. This is why we gather regularly- as broken people in the messy reality of life, God renews us and forms us by drawing us back into his larger narrative of rescue and renewal through Jesus.

This is worship.

Discover this true, new narrative of renewal through Jesus for yourself. Join us for a Sunday. Try on our community:


Downtown Convention Center

302 S College Ave

Bloomington, IN 47404

Drive in and look for the signs to park around back.

Bike in and park, we're right on the B-Line.


Got Kids?


We've got a great focus on ministry to kids & families.

Each Sunday morning we offer "Sprouts" to care for 1-year old through preschool kids. We have consistent, trained, loving, and committed teachers along with trained volunteers. We play with the kids in a friendly and clean environment, have snack, an age-appropriate Bible lesson, and invite parents to pickup their kids to witness Communion and enjoy our final song.

Kids Kindergarten through 3rd Grade are invited to stay with their parents for the entire service, or head to their own "Roots" class during the sermon for a gospel-centered Bible lesson of their own taught by a trained and consistent teacher with the help of a volunteer. Then, we all look forward to our Roots kids bursting back into the sanctuary to take part in Communion alongside the rest of the congregation!

All of our HopeKids teachers and volunteers receive safety training and background checks.