the service

Where are we?  

We gather each Sunday morning in the historic building which houses the Monroe County Convention Center, 302 S. College Ave in the heart of downtown.

We love being together! We all enjoy our own unique styles, so we wear what's comfortable for worship. We hang out after the service for coffee and visiting, and many of us peel off for lunch together after the service.

What time do we meet?

10:30AM. Join us on a Sunday morning.

what should you expect?

We're hoping to bring a Bloomington expression to historic practices. You might be unfamiliar with our style, yet we want to create a hospitable place for you so you can hear from God and draw near to Him. Because Sunday worship is such a vital place for spiritual "re-calibration" through the gospel, we shape a robust service, writing original prayers, Scriptural prayers, and traveling through the movements of community worship in just under an hour and a half.


Every church, everywhere follows some worship structure. We're no different. We worship because God initiates with us. He is the great author of the redemptive story, and in worship He draws us in to this true narrative once again through Christ. He calls us to worship through His Word, and we respond with the words of Scripture, in song, times of silence, personal and printed prayers, historic confessions, hearing personal stories of hope and missional vision, and being sent out with a Scriptural blessing. 



God shapes us through His Word. We hold the Bible in high regard, so our sermons will include in-depth explanation of Scripture, illustrations that fit our cultural moment, and applications that address questions and doubts, make God's grace clear, and apply grace to the heart. 



We love the meaningfulness of old hymns, expressing many of them through new tunes. Yet, we love singing new songs as well, and we love writing our own. Our style is eclectic, making use of acoustic guitar, banjos, violins, piano, a cajon and hand percussion, as well as even an accordion or bassoon from time to time. We also have a classical vocal ensemble that leads us in worship on special occasions.

Lord's Supper:

We receive the Lord's Supper each week because we believe that this is a sign and seal of Jesus' ongoing nourishment of his people by grace through faith, something we can actually experience-- we see, smell, touch, taste the wine and bread of the sacrament.


We believe children are valuable members of God's covenant family, so we want to involve them in our corporate worship, and help them to grow in their own relationships with God. We do this through showing kids how to worship alongside adults, and providing Scripture lessons during the sermon time.

You can check-in your infants through Pre-K's with our Sprouts group as you arrive, and your Kindergarten-3rd grade kids can stay with you during the service, heading out for their Roots Scripture lesson time during the sermon. 

Our dedication to kids:

Care, spiritual nurture, involvement in community, and engagement in God's mission- 

LEARN MORE > about how we encourage parents and caregivers, and teach our kids.