Jesus welcomed children into his presence.

Jesus treasured kids as examples for grownups to follow in humble love and unashamed reliance on the grace of our heavenly Father.

And, Jesus' church embraces children as members in his visible body through the promises of God extended to Christian families.

We also want our church to be a place of love, security, playfulness, and growth for all ages.


We make use of a Gospel-Centered and beautifully crafted curriculum called The Gospel Story for Kids. This content follows the Redemptive Story of the Bible for 78 Old Testament and 78 New Testament lessons, and 3 levels of content for different age groups. Through this core content, we follow the Bible's own focus- not in producing "good, religious" people, but in shaping new people through God's application of the gospel of Jesus alone. This content also comes with easy to follow family devotional guides to facilitate the priority of spiritual formation of our kids remaining primarily in the home. All kids come home from church with a content review sheet, including Bible verses and catechism questions they're working on memorizing from month to month.

All of our HopeKids workers have moved through a stringent background check screening, and all leaders and teachers have worked through a child protection training process provided by Protect My Ministry.

For questions, contact Caroline, our Administrator.

Little ones


We care for our little ones and our parents throughout the full service with our secure Nursery (infant-2s). With plenty of toys, books, and trained leaders and volunteers, your child will join in the singing of songs, friendship-building, and learning the very basics about the love of God for people.


A portion of our nursery is devoted to interacting with kids in their 3s-4s. We follow a regular lesson schedule so your child can feel the security of an expected rhythm to their morning. This includes play and snack, with a Gospel-Centered Bible lesson integrated throughout. Our Sprouts go home with a lesson summary sheet so parents can interact with them over their own encounter with Jesus through the gospel.

Here's a summary of a Sprouts Take Home sheet.

Bigger ones


Our Roots (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) is a Bible lesson and theology time kids are dismissed to during the sermon. Here, they interact with a particular story from the Bible, engage with object lessons and illustrations, create something to reinforce the gospel focus, practice Scripture and theology memorization, and focus on practical ways they can live out the gospel in seeking Renewal for Our Place.

After their lesson, Roots return to the service in order to be formed by our community's practice of the Lord's Supper. Once these kids express their personal faith in Jesus in their own kid-way with our elders, they will be welcomed to join in this sacrament.

Read over a summary of a Roots Take Home Sheet.