Preach the Word

The Word of God preached is what we call one of the "means of grace," or a way in which God nourishes His people by grace through faith in an ongoing way. We need to hear from God's Word-- not so we can hear how to be really good people, not for good advice, lessons in how to "pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps," or to send us out inspired by our own goodness and moral rectitude.

Instead, we need to regularly be nourished by God's Word because we are regularly encountered by our frailties, our hurt from & hurt to others, and our failures to love God with our whole lives.

We need this means of grace because Christians need to be reminded of God's love for them in Christ alone, drawing renewed strength from this reality; and, non-Christians need to hear their doubts affirmed, their skepticism addressed, and the place where all their desires find ultimate fulfillment in the worship and service of God.