forum - gospel intimacy

The Details:

Bummer. You missed it. It's over. But, don't despair, you can access the audio and written tools right here, right now.  Just head to our Sermon Audio Player and search for

Why? Because we all have room to grow. We hit on questions like: What is God's intent with marriage? How does a gospel-centered marriage relationship work? What is entailed in the process of "2 becoming one flesh," and how does this development of intimacy happen in the mundane of day-to-day life? And, how is this sustained in times of crisis?

Who? This forum is for married couples wanting to see their marriage grow, and for singles wanting to understand or prepare for marriage. The tools presented are focused on applying the gospel of grace to all those heart issues that get stirred up through the crucible of marriage. So, whether you're married or not, this forum content is a great tool to help you grow through seeing the gospel applied to your own personal misdirected affections, and redirect your heart to God. 

Our Guides: Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church Indianapolis -Jason Dorsey- and his wife Jenny -staff with Parakaleo Ministries- will be walking us through the gospel's path in growing marital intimacy.