Learning Evangelism From Jesus

It's over. You missed it. But, below's a run-down of why we did what we did, and you can download all the audio and a PDF of the notes. All of this content is being updated in our new Media Player, so you may need to dig around to find the talks. Check under the title "Talk". Enjoy.

Many of us have a variety of reactions to the idea of "evangelism."  This can fuel fear, anxiety, guilt, nervousness, or even imagery of an unkempt bearded guy marching with a sandwich sign proclaiming "the end is near." Or, some of us may view evangelism as a transactional activity, as if we're making a "sales pitch" to as many people as possible in order to get decisions for Christ made, and prayers of salvation prayed as quickly and as efficiently as we can.

Were these the methods and message that made the early church such an explosive movement for personal and cultural transformation?

This first collaboration between Hope Pres and Redeemer Community Church explores these vital questions through applying the Bible, as we develop a way forward in an evangelism that's focused on patient, humble, gospel-centered love. 

Here's a rundown of the day: 

"Learning Evangelism from Jesus" Knowing the Method, Message, and Motivation of Jesus' Gospel Proclamation

Talk 1: "Evangelism Through Jesus' Story: The Gospel Proclaimed throughout the Redemptive-Historical Drama" 

Talk 2: "Evangelism With Jesus: The Gospel Proclaimed to the religious, irreligious, and the other" 

Talk 3: "Evangelism In Union With Jesus: The Gospel Proclaimed through Community empowered by the Spirit" 

Talk 4: "Evangelism Under Jesus: The Gospel Proclaimed through You, Practical Guidelines for Relational Evangelism" 

Talk 5: Panel Interaction