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    The Lord loves a good party.

    Jesus' first miracle was changing water to wine at a wedding feast in Cana. And, not just the $8/bottle wine. He made the finest of wines, Madeira, Caymus.

    In the Old Testament, the Lord gave his people seasonal feasting days. In the book of Revelation, the culminating imagery of the renewal of all things under Jesus' Lordship is a feast. Celebration is inherent to God's character, which is why he created the Sabbath day as a foreshadowing of the celebration and rest that comes through his rescue of broken people by the grace of Christ.

    Celebration isn't just about celebration. It points to God's lavish, joyfully dispensed grace. And, so we celebrate.

    Each season HopePres hosts a Feast to remember God's faithfulness, enjoy the community he has created, enjoy the creation he has shaped, and to whet our appetite for the life to come. Feasting is a part of the rhythms of our worship.

    Below is our major feast for this coming season. See our Facebook page or The City for more details:

    • Spring Party!: Saturday night, March 25th, we'll be hosting an evening of desserts, appetizers, drinks, coffee drinks, music, and karaoke at the new Crumble Coffee downtown. For more information, connect with Seth & Kelie Baysinger:

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