regular events

  • young adult happy hour

    Every First Friday the young adults from Hope grab some friends together and gather for an hour or so at The Video Saloon downtown for some drinks, darts, and the chance to get to know others from our season of life. If you're looking to make friends with others in this life stage, join us for a Friday.

    First Fridays, 5:30-7PM at The Vid.

    Questions? Connect with Matthias at:

  • First sunday Lunches

    Relationships don't just "happen." The shaping of a community of grace takes effort, time, trust, practice, and space. God makes use of all of these as he forms people into his new community of mercy and witness under the leadership of Jesus Christ. This is the church. And, the church is to show hospitality because our God himself is a God of hospitality. 

    Depicting the lavishness of God's welcome, David writes in Psalm 23, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows..." Jesus himself, as the culminating symbol of his self-giving love, establishes the meal of the Lord's Supper as a primary formational practice of the church, where God's grace nourishes his people through their participation by faith.

    Because God shows lavish hospitality, so do we. 

    On the first Sunday each month after worship, our church hosts a casual meal together. We eat, drink, chat, and laugh. We create a space for new friendships to begin at their own pace. Whether you know Jesus or not, you're welcome to lunch. Join us some afternoon. 12:15-1:30. 

    For more details, and to RSVP, register for The City.

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  • cultivate

    This is a gathering where anyone can come to wrestle with the questions, longings, and doubts that characterize our human experience. 

    When?  Tuesdays monthly, from 8:30-10:30: 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/9, 6/6.

    Where?  Various local places. This semester we'll be gathering at Upland. 

    For 2 years in Ephesus the Apostle Paul hung out at the Hall of Tyrannus to discuss the latest ideas and events with those enjoying drinks and food. They talked ideas, and Paul showed how even the search for truth, beauty, goodness, and meaning is engaged by the gospel of Christ (Acts 19). 

    This is the point of Cultivate. We meet in a modern-day Hall wrangle over a hot cultural topic and its deeper meaning for life, and see if Christian theology and worldview might provide any path forward. 

    This is not a Bible study, or a Sunday school class. We do not have a list of questions, or a list of answers. These topics may make you squirm. There may be a lot of grayness to people’s thoughts, there may even be some heated emotion. But, this means its a space that’s hospitable to any who think and who may be open to sharing their own ideas and asking their own questions. This group is for believers, skeptics, secular people, women & men, believers in other religions. It will be crazy. 

    See our Facebook page or The City for location and topic information.

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  • Introductions Forum

    Church Membership?

    Talk of "commitment" challenges our cultural idols of autonomy and individualism. And, frankly, the idea of "membership" even freaks many Christians out because many of us have somehow begun to think that being a Christian can be separate from a life together under the authority of anyone other than "me".

    Yet, belonging to a local church community is a vital part of a living Christian faith. Jesus describes his relationship to his people as branches connected to the vine. And, as branches, Christians cannot live autonomously from Christ's church and remain healthy. We are called to an interdependent relationship with one another. The Apostle Paul describes this as a "side by side" kind of faith: rejoicing and weeping with one another in committed relationship, a rugby scrum of people renewed by grace who have covenanted together in worship, relationship, and mission.   

    In order to aid in this covenantal commitment to one another and to Christ's mission, local churches invite people into commitments of membership. 

    HopePres invites you to consider joining with our community in enjoying and sharing our common faith in Christ. But, we don't want you to be uninformed about our beliefs, values, vision, history, and what commitment to this growing church means. So, join us for an upcoming forum designed to acquaint you with our church and invite interaction about who we are, and what we're called to. Come to one of our membership forums: 


    • We'll get our Introductions book in your hand for your personal review.
    • Then, we'll gather as a group for dessert and drinks to walk through important points, and discuss questions and issues as they arise.
    • If you're interested in pursuing membership with Hope, then the next step will be a personal meeting with an elder to discuss your own faith narrative and any further questions before coming before the congregation to affirm our membership vows.

    To move forward in this process contact Caroline:

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