gospel nurture

"...be transformed..."

"...by the renewing of your mind..." St. Paul's letter to the Roman Church.

Being strengthened and formed through Christian discipleship calls for commitment to learning, being comforted and encouraged in vulnerability, being sharpened and challenged in correction, and focused study/discussion/and application of Scripture, Theology, and Worldview. 

Our Nurture Communities of Sonship Mentoring, Gospel-Life Forums, and HopeKids provide men, women, and children the opportunity to move through deeper study and application of the gospel to our heart issues and lifestyles. 

This Nurture focus is also designed to deepen our biblical & theological reflection, expand the scope of the gospel's implications for our lives, while equipping church members in specific ministry skills. All of this provides guidance in ways people can see their gifts used by God to care for others and for the building up of Christ’s church. 

nurture communities

Sonship Gospel Mentoring: This is a year-long mentoring process for Christians who have committed as members of Hope. There are 4-5 spaces open each year. During this journey you'll be meeting with Dan bi-weekly, he will help you explore your own narrative through a biblical lens, study and grow in an understanding of the gospel, and in personal application of the Christ's gospel to all of life.

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Gospel-Life Forums: We host these annually in order to help people learn how Christ's gospel of grace applies to every area of life, from Sunday worship, to vocation, to relationships, to rest, to sex, to the arts.  Keep tabs on our Seasonal Events page for more details.

Grow from some of our past forums. Click the links to have access to the content:

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