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  • Dan Herron // Lead pastor

    Story: Dan and Erica grew up in Champaign, IL and met in high school. They were both turned to Jesus in 1997 while undergrads—Dan at Illinois State University and Erica at the University of Illinois. In 2000 they graduated, married, and moved to St. Louis where Dan taught high school history among at risk students and Erica completed her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Washington University, topping this off with finishing up her doctorate in 2012. 

    In 2002 Dan joined staff with Great Commission Ministries at the University of Illinois until beginning at Covenant Seminary in 2007 where he served with The Journey Fellowship and Acts 29 Network. 

    They finally landed in the Presbyterian Church in America in 2009. In 2011 the Herron family moved to downtown Indy for Dan to serve with Redeemer Presbyterian, before moving to BTown.

    Life: We and our kids (Alex, Gabriel, and Isabel) are a bit eclectic. We love craw-dad hunting in Jackson Creek, and we love “Pizza N’ Movie Night.” We love Bach at the symphony, and biscuits and gravy at the City Diner. We love pushing ourselves athletically, yet love French Fries. Our entire family loves books, yet we also love Wii Olympics. We love old houses, and new kitchens. And, I love writing looonnng sentences. You can find me on my bike out in the hills of Monroe County.

    More than anything, God has given us a love for Jesus, His church, and for people. 

    Get in touch with Dan at dan@hopebtown.org

  • erica herron //

    Women's MInistry Coordinator

    Story: Much of Erica's bio is summed up above alongside Dan's. But, some things that Dan's bio (ahem) crowded out include her own experiences and passions. Since becoming a Christian on campus and her years alongside Dan in campus ministry, Erica has involved herself in evangelism and discipleship of younger women. This has always included inviting women into her home to share hospitality ranging from women's breakfasts, to Bible study, to marriage counseling, to inviting a handful of single women into the Herron family.

    Erica's gospel-focus has been shaped by her involvement in Sonship gospel mentoring as well as the PCA's ministry to church planter's wives: Parakaleo. She brings the theology of gospel-centeredness and its practical applications in all of life to her leadership of Hope's Ministry to and through women.

    When she's not focused on her role as a wife, mom, church planter wife, and all the other myriad of things she gives herself to, Erica works locally as a half-time Physical Therapist specializing in Women's Health and Lymphedema treatment with IU Bloomington Hospital Therapy Services.

    Life: I love spending time with my family, and enjoying the quiet aspects of life: harvesting my first ever successful garden, taking our Golden-Doodle, Winnie, on long runs, cycling in the hills with Dan, curling up in my favorite old chair and reading (and falling asleep!).

    Connect with Erica at erica@hopebtown.org    

  • caroline harrell // administrator

    Story: Caroline grew up in the Louisville area. She was raised by her grandparents, who shared their faith and love of Jesus with her from a very young age. She graduated from Indiana University Southeast in 2008 with a degree in Journalism. After working a short time in broadcast and radio journalism, Caroline was swept off her feet by her husband, Josh. Work and marriage brought them to Bloomington together.

    Life: I'm a foodie and love spending hours in the kitchen cooking and pouring over cookbooks. Sharing new and exciting meals with friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. I'm an avid gamer and lover of books. Josh and I love to snuggle on the couch with our kitty, Siva, and our sweet, soft, husky mix, Ben. I'm a huge Louisville fan (GO CARDS!) and look forward to the fall, when the basketball and football superfan in me comes out!

    Connect with Caroline at caroline@hopebtown.org