our roots


Hope Pres is part of a nationwide family of churches called the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) with roots that stretch deep into history. This collection of churches is unified in our Reformed confessional foundation in historic Christianity and in our commitment to relational and institutional unity. 

local family

Our familial connection to the PCA is expressed in a more localized relationship here in Central Indiana. The small constellation of PCA churches in our region is called the Central Indiana Presbytery (CIP). The degree of authentic friendship, unity in vision, and partnership in mission is a wonderful example of the gospel's expanding impact on the church in Central Indiana. 

university inclusive

We are also closely tied to the PCA's campus ministry: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). This is a ministry that emphasizes the wholistic development of young people through grace-centered discipleship, engagement in God's mission both on campus and abroad, commitment to the local church, and encouragement of students' callings to excellence in their studies and service in the university community. Hope Pres supports and prays for our local RUF Campus Minister, Brad Tubbesing, and his growing ministry to the students of Indiana University. 

RUF meets on Tuesday nights at 8PM in Myers Hall 130, a central spot on IU's campus. Several RUF small groups meet on a weekly basis: Bible studies, jam sessions, and book groups being just a few. Check out our Local Communities page for more info on RUF small groups.

church planting minded

We're a little church with a big vision. We want to see God use us to start new churches here in Indiana, in other university-cities, and in cities on the other side of the world. In order to help serve in this broader vision, Hope partners in a national and global church planting collaborative called Mission Anabaino. Our churches emphasize a "Total Christ" vision for ministry where, through his Spirit, Jesus is present with his church as Prophet, Priest, and King, as the gospel transforms us both as a renewed community (value on the church) as well as a renewing community (value on mission). Gospel-centeredness means holding both the church and mission in high regard, and seeing the presence of Christ as central to the existence and health of both.