our Heart

our heart

What kind of Church?

We want to be a church where we can share both our beauty and brokenness, where we can cling to the hope of the gospel of grace—that Christ can save and renew sinners like us. We want to be a church where no one is alone, where we can enjoy committed and secure friendship, where we can party and be a part of God’s mission together. 

We want to be a church that exists for the benefit of our place, not vice versa. This means that we want to learn what it means to have a listening, and not a telling disposition—listening closely to the needs and longings of our community so we can think creatively about how to join in with making this place flourish. 

We value historic church practices in our worship, yet see that they need to speak to Bloomington in our own language and style. We love human culture and the arts and want to find ways for the church to embrace and seek spiritual renewal on their behalf. 

We don't have it all figured out. We go for it and make corrections. We're learning to thrive in the messiness and grayness of real life. We love dialogue, asking questions, and listening. We share our own stories of hope as we live them. Some of these are just beginning, and some seem filled with grief, darkness, and unbelief. All of them share a longing for God’s renewal realized—having our glory restored. 

Still, we love to be together. We serve and are served. We sing and share silence. 

Still, we hope. 

We’re hospitable to all regardless of your religious or personal story. Hope is for the cynic and the devout, the faith-filled and the doubter, the conservative and liberal, the bored and the burned out. We invite you, wherever you are in the process, to Hope.